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Go Fluent in Weeks!

If you are learning a foreign language,
If you already know the basics,
Let's get you to the next level, fast.

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In Fact

I'm a linguist playing with Django and JavaScript to build myself an app for learning German.


I went to a Google event featuring panel discussions. The central theme was the willingness and impetus to get out of the building and touch reality.

At the High Point

The panelists asked: "How many of you are working on a startup idea?" "Leave your hand up if you haven't launched it yet.

"Launch it Tonight!"

The sages have spoken. "You'll feel like a different person after." I'm a true believer, hence this site.

Google offered us light drinks

And we mingled. In cheering the "launch it" spirit, I said though I have no product, I'll google how to set up a PayPal button and launch a site tonight.

Hello World

Consider this a kickstart in learning the lean canvas. By the way, if you know any interesting linguists, please introduce us. Cheers!